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Title - Engineer’s Publication House

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We are a non-profit organisation that is working tirelessly in publishing various open-access articles on various domains and backgrounds such as Agriculture, Biology, Business-Management, Pharmaceutical, Humanities, Social-Science, Medical & Health Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Educational-Research, Applied Science, Science & Engineering, Etc. The engineer’s publication house publishes articles submitted by the  researchers/authors from all fields of study. Engineer’s Publication House, EPH was established late in the year of 2015 and is a growing scholarly publisher in various fields. EPH Journal provides international editorial & peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, Refereed Research Journal, open-access journal with a high impact factor from 1 to 10, for both the online and print version with ISSN numbers. The print version is provided only on demand by the authors or institutions. We provide the author’s article a platform for Indexing our major Journal database & Metadata partner, Crossref, DOI, and Google Scholar. We follow all kinds of COPE, ethical, and community standard guidelines in bringing the article into the target journal database. EPH journal is an open-access journal where anybody can have access to the full text of the research article. We are the leading quality indexing partner for the international journal database such as Google Scholar, Crossref, Scholarsteer, CiteFactor, DRJI, Scientific Indexing Services, International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR), Academic Resource Index - ResearchBib International Scientific Indexing (ISI), IFSIJ, SJIF, Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources(ROAD), etc. Our editors and peer-review panel have highly sophisticated tools for analyzing and processing your article and seeing that it meets the standards of the research database journal indexing list. We are the legal Crossref & DOI partnered article publisher with immense experience in publishing articles with ISSN numbers after getting acceptance from the international journal quality indexing services. We publish editorial and peer-reviewed articles from various backgrounds following community and ethical policies. EPH is a world-renowned publication house that publishes articles with a high Journal Impact Factor and Citescore. We cover only original, authentic, and unplagiarized content in delivering content related to many fields of the research area. In accordance with our community and ethical policies, we publicly release editorial and peer-reviewed articles from a variety of backgrounds. We maintain high publishing standards and ensure that each article received from the author is indexed in the international database journal indexing list. Our bibliometric database core collection is constantly expanding. Engineer’s Publication House - EPH is the name to trust when it comes to publishing authors' hard work in their fields of research or gaining a reputation and recognition for their research paper on an international level. Our mission is to provide a peer-reviewed, open-access platform for researchers to publish their research articles in internationally renowned journals.

OUR RESEARCH AREA INCLUDES: We publish wide variety of scholarly content in all fields of research in our peer-reviewed, editorial, and open-access journals in different domains like Science, Engineering, Accounting,  Marketing, Management, Mathematics, Finance, Banking, Economics, Human-Resources-Management, International-Business, Hotel-&-Tourism, Entrepreneurship-Development, Industrial-Relations, Business-Ethics, International-Relations, Population-studies, Law, Development-studies, Cancer-Treatment, Political-science, English-Language, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Journalism-&-mass-communication, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics, Statistics, Sea-Science, Biology, Micro-Biology, Bio-Engineering, Chemical-Engineering,  Social-Science, Business-&-Management, Plastic-surgery, Educational-Research, Agricultural-Research, Environmental-Research, Humanities, Optics, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics, Health-science, Biological-&-pharmaceutical-science, Zoology, Physics, Medical-Science, Food-Technology, Quantum-Mechanics, Digital-Marketing, Business-analytics, Leadership, Educational-Philosophy, Educational-practices, Agricultural-Engineering, Ecology, paleontology, Geography, Mythology, Art-&-music, psychology, Transportation-Service, Textile-Engineering, Robotics-&-Automation, Husbandary, Forestry, Electrical-engineering, Civil-engineering, Micro-biology, Database-management, Algebra, Business-&-Economics, Decision-making, Nutrition, Food-Technology, Quality-Management, literacy, History, Neuroscience, Telecommunication, Philosophy, Public-health, Anesthesia, Drug-Design-&-Development, Laser-Technology, Aerospace, Submarine-Technology, Space-science, Advanced-Pharmaceutics, Genetics, Social-Welfare, Anthropology, Homeopathy, Radiation-oncology, Wildlife, Operations-management and many scholarly article bibliometric database core collections that have been published in the Google Scholar indexing list.

Keywords:  Research papers, Journal Impact Factor, Citescore, Crossref & DOI, Peer-review, Editorial-review, Community, Open-access, Citation, Methodology, References, Discussion, Results, Quartile, Bibliometric database, Target journals, quality indexing, citations, high quality, high impact factor, Journal ranking, indexed journal list, reference journal database.